Brigadier Edmond Alfred Blais was an officer in the Royal 22nd Regiment during the Second World War.

Born in Lévis, Quebec in 1892, he had also fought with the 22nd Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force in France during the First World War.

In the interwar period he was living in New York City with his American wife, and working as a chartered accountant for Patterson, Peale and Dennis.

Following the outbreak of the Second World War, he rejoined his regiment, was appointed Major and, at the age of 47, proceeded overseas in December, 1939.

These Second World War letters are to his wife, Laurette Paris Blais, his teenage daughter, June Blais, and his teenage son, also named Edmond Alfred Blais (“Edmond Jr.”) who is away at university.  They begin with his Atlantic crossing, “From ____ to Somewhere in Great Britain”, in December, 1939.

They are transcribed here as written, errors and all, in chronological order.

Brigadier Blais and Laurette were my grandparents, Edmond Jr. my father.  These letters just recently came to light following the death of Edmond Jr. at the age of 91.

I am aiming to post a letter a day.


November 11, 2012




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