Cunard White Star
RMS “Aquitania”




On the high seas;

Dear Mother and Junie;

What a good sailor I turned out to be.  This being my third day and no sea sickness I feel quite chippy.  Well Ma, this is quite a trip, and 1916 has no attraction, except that we see water, water, etc. -  What a beautiful sight, when we left Canada to see all these ships and such swell protection.

We don’t feel a bit alarm about the crossing.  Our boat is one of the best and surely the finest in our service.  Emile P. and I have a beautiful cabin, twin beds, private bath and what luxury.  Our third day of war sure was wonderful.

I’ll cable you on my arrival in England.  I am very busy studying as I have to brush up on my old job.  I have met all my friends of the Great War, and what a swell gang.  My Brigadier was a private with me then.  I will miss you all.  I’ll send the kids money for Xmas and will provide Ed Jr. with funds.



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