Wednesday dec 20. 1939
In the Field, G.B.


Dear Lauretta & Kids,

What a glorious sight, and wonderful trip we have just completed.  Our crossing was wonderful I was never sick a minute, the sight of so many ships was something to remember for a long time.  The food on board was next to royal.  Emile P. and I had the next best cabin on board with drawing room, private bath & etc.

Our steward was a real limy, waiting on us like a real mother.  None of the boys were sick.  Our escort was something also.  I can tell you that (hitller) and his gang of pirates would have got some welcome.  however nothing happen and we were very thankful.  You must have seen the news on the newspapers.

Just before leaving Emilia came to Quebec to see me.  She had all the instructions for you regarding my allowances and pension chks.  If you still have my Nov ck, you’ll have to send it back to Ottawa, and ask them to make one payable to you.  I don’t know why you did not send it to me while I was in Ottawa or Quebec.  However, I have notified the Pension Bureau at Ottawa to make all cks payable to you from now on.

Now your wife allowance starts Dec 2 and your husband allowance starts Jan 1st 1940.  so that for dec you’ll get $67.00 and 17.75 and in January you’ll get $67.00 extra every month.  I’ll send Ed Jr. some money every month, re his college, and June some spending money.

Edmond told me that you were all at Carries for thanksgiving.  Well I was quite busy then but surely would have like to be with you all.

My appointment here was next to miraculous, well seen by some of the boys and sour to other however I have to COs blessings.

On our coming in in England we were met by your boy friend Anthony E. and our good Canadian friend __ Massey.  They lunched with us on board ship, just before our leaving it.  I am going to keep a diary from now on I wish I could tell you all the celebrities I have met already.

Our welcome in Eng. is even better than the last time, everywhere we are greeted with cheers, and I mean cheers.  Now for my address.

Just before leaving Canada I forwarded same to June, and no change, temporary.  Things are so darn different now I am afraid of saying anything.

I am leaving in a few days for a 6 weeks senior course.  Keep sending my mail, to the address I sent Junie.

I expect to be here quite a while, so for god sake dont start worrying about me.  I am well, in good health, good spirit, happy, but lonesome for my darlings.

I am sending you a cable for Xmas at Warrens, as I don’t want it to go to your house.  I’ll write you every week and make sure you do likewise.

Give my regards to everyone.

Lots of love to you all




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