29 Jan 41

Dearest Ma;

Your letter of dec 14 reached me to-day, a few days after your’s of dec 28, 30th.

This afternoon, I had a great visitor, Colonel Ham. Gault D.S.O.  Former Commander of the P.P.C.L.I (that’s the Princess Pats) of 1914-18, with him came Sir Harry Brittain the English author who has just finished his famous book Come The Three Corners — Sir Harry brought me his book, his autographed picture also autographed book with a great compliment to a great Fr. Can. soldier now sick; I tell you it’s quite comforting even in these days, of pains & aches, to think that the Army has been so kind to me.  There must be something to your old man after all?

I’ll bring this book home and keep it preciously -

I was up thrice to-day for short periods.  I am awfully weak yet, and can’t seem to be getting stronger.

They say it’ll come with time.  I do hope so.

Will try & bring home some souvenirs if they allow me to go to London later on.

Keep well darling

A big kiss



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