28 Jan. 41

Dearest Ma;

My friend Mr. Wilcox of Burberry’s Ltd has just left.  Mrs. W. received your letter and was enchanted to hear from you.  What nice people they are.  To show you – I had bought 2 pairs field boots at a cost of $75.00 and a pair of breeches $30.00 – On knowing that I was not to have any usage of these purchases Mr Wilcox came down, so I’d get credit, and he’d put them back in stock.  I wore one pair of boots twice only and same for breeches.

It’s saving me $105.00, not bad eh.  — Mr W. is getting two broaches made gold & silver for you & Junie, with my Reg’t crest.  I bet they’ll be nice.

Well Ma I walked about 40 steps to-day and was up thrice.  But I am inclined to be a bit discouraged on my slow progress.

That weakness in my left side is  still here.  My Dr. tells me it will disappear in time.  I sometimes doubt it.

Colonel Flynn is very sick right now, but thinks there is nothing wrong with his heart.  They have’nt told him yet what was wrong as he’s too weak for the crushing news.

They told me the morning I got here.  They figured I was a strong brute, and I sure showed them that I was, with six attacks.

I see on to-days paper Jack O’Ryan told the Committee a mouth full yesterday, enclosed clipping that’s the spirit – I want to meet him when I go home.

Temperature here is very bad, but in bed I don’t mind it.  Can you picture me in hospital all winter.  It’s a brake for me that this bad luck came while I was in service, it is saving thousands of dollars and a future at that. My tea just came.

So, nough said.

Take care of yourself.  I hope you are getting lots of mail from me cause I am writing enough.

Lots of love darling



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