Church Hill

Monday. Jan 24

Dear Mrs Blais

Thank you so much for your very nice letter which I received two days ago.

I can only tell you, that after reading it, I felt very pleased that I had made the jacket for you.

Yes! I can quite imagine what an anxious time you have been going through.

It was indeed a shock to us, when we found your husband had been taken to hospital the previous day.  My hubby went straight to the hospital & was allowed to see the Colonel for just a few minutes.  Since then he has not missed a week going to see him – he was not allowed to stay long at first, but lately the visits have been much longer, and today he has been to  see him again.  He is ever so much better, has been up several times, and seems quite his old cheerful self.

It must have been dreadful for you, all those miles away, and I expect you would have given anything to have popped over and seen him

I expect it will mean that you will not have to wait till the end of the war now before you have him home again, and although we are very glad for your sake, we are very sorry for ourselves.

He will have to look after himself & take things easy, and all will be well, altho for anyone as active as he is, this will not be easy.

We all hope this year will see the end of this dreadful war, although I’m afraid things are going to get much worse, before that happens.

The people here are simply marvellous, especially as is nearly always the case, it is the poorer classes that are suffering most.  When one sees the results of some of the bombing, one wonders how they can stick it.

Well I must close now.  Thank you once more for writing so nicely.

Yrs. V. Sincerely

Eva Wilcox



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