23 Jan 41.
800 pm.

Dearest Ma;

Your letters of dec 28 & 30 finally arrived to-day.  Was I glad to hear from you and know that you were all well home.

I guess all my mail to you must have been lost as I asked you lots of questions in my letters, and you sure answer none of them.  Specially regarding bringing some souvenirs of England home.

I shant bring much as everything is sky high here now.

I am feeling quite good although my cough of days yonder has come back to me and has my Dr worried.

Ever since last spring when I was up at the Naval Hosp. I believe I was left with a chronic bronchial tube or something, as I have had colds at least half a dozen times since; and the damp weather here gets me down at once.

Is your Am. status fixed or pending what is it.

I’ll have to know by April as I planned to go home on a six months visa for Easter so let me know as soon as possible.

I don’t anticipate any trouble from the Army on my arrival in Quebec.

Either I am boarded out and pensionned off or a six months furlong with pay & allowances etc.

But the first part as mentioned above, is the best.

Shurer for future.

As if war should be short, I’d be out with small pension, instead of heavy one right now.

Anyhow I am not worrying about that right now, as the OC here, at 15th Gen, says I can’t do a thing for a one year period, maybe never (He is just a cheerful guy)

I’ll wait & see

Nough said

Got a letter from the Counsellor to-day Henry Goldstein.

Lots of love




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