Letter #15
22 Jan.41

Dearest Ma & Junie;

Just got up a few minutes ago; have had my breakfeast, now had the morning news on, and having a pipe of tobacco. Brig Price came in last night, to try & see Percy F. but no go. Percy had a very bad turn yesterday, and is very low now. I wish when you receive this letter you’d write a nice letter to Mrs Percy Flynn The Citadel Quebec. (with a please forward) you know, they’ll see that she gets it.

Now for some work.

The morning scrubber (nurse) is now coming in with the linen and what have you.

This is the hight of laziness both in bed, back rub, shave, etc.  I guess I won’t know how to attend to myself after this long stretch.

Just received two presents from Can & U.S. Suzie Steidel sent me a table Dunhill lighter, and somebody without a name sent me a box of Colgate product from Toronto, must be Ed. Jr.

They say a big mail is in.  I am anxious to see if I’ll get some mail from you all.


Lots of love



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