20 Jan 1941

Dearest Ma;

Wrote you once to-day, but had some news for you.

My old Colonel Flynn has just been brought in the Hospital with a serious heart attack, (Coronis Thrombosis) to you.

He may have a bit harder time than I had.  You know, he is past 50+ and that will count a lot with such a sickness.  What bad luck for the Regiment two of us seniors out of the way.

Emile Poirier will now command.  I am sorry for Flynn but glad for old man Poirier.

Feel pretty good.

Bed time.

A big kiss


In buying clothes for you how do you measure




Just heard the inauguration speech, it was wonderful.  Heard it at 6.00 pm 12 noon at home.

I bet it went it at home.  All radios in England I bet were turned on



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