#15 Canadian Gen’l Hospital
18. Jan.41

Dearest Ma;

Hope that at this hour you have received my cable of good wishes on your birthday.  It’s the best I can do at this time, but will do better later on.  Well baby, of all things I am down with a cold this morning, of all places to get a cold in hospital.  Not serious, as I am well covered up, and nursie just fixed my quite snuggly and, of course, I can’t get up for a couple days now.  We are having quite an epidemic of flu, & what have you right now.  So for a couple of days I am keeping the door of my room closed tight.  Dr Rykert is taking one more Electro Cardiac reading at 10 30 this morning on a/c of a slight re-occurance to my left side during the night.  I think it was the cold cause I feel pretty darn good this morning, cold & all.

A friend of mine Dr Ogilvie has taken three snaps of me last week that I am enclosing.  I still look big, but have about 4 shirts on me and a bed jacket.

The profile one is jolly good, will get the film and you can get one enlarged at home.

Notice the Churchill’s cigar & few hairs.

And gray (or white ones at that).

My orderly has just been in to fix me with my daily body duty, and tells me we are in the midst of a frightful blizzard.  So had the window opened for a minute and boy you’d think you were in Quebec, already 4 inches of snow has come down.

What a church this place is.  Holy communion this a.m. & now morning prayers.

So long Ma

Keep well doll

Lots of love



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