In Hospital
Letter #12
13 Jan.41

Dearest Ma;

Believe it or not, I was out of bed yesterday for 10 minutes, on a rolling chair, boy I was so weak my legs could not support me.

Two orderlies carried me in – Got pretty groggy after a few minutes but stuck it out –

It’s now 3.30 pm. Tea time and then up for 15 minutes to-day –

The Dr is increasing it 5 min. a day for this week.  I will not be allowed to walk till Feb 1st.  The tissues of my heart have now completely healed and they expect me to be good as new within a few months.

My Brigadier of Gen. Staff was in yesterday.  He thinks I’ll be able to carry on in the spring, but my Dr says no, so I’ll wait and see what happen.

The pain in my left side has now disappeared altogether and the X rays show the heart pump completely cleared.

This must be all greek to you but what an heart expert I am turning out to be.

The weather has now set a complete summer sault. It’s like summer out to-day.  I have been having two of my windows opened since lunch time.  Hate to close them now.

What’s new home.  Is all the family alright.

Do write once in a while – still no mail from you since Nov. 26 last.

Keep well, Miss you much too much.

Lots of love




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