Dec 28, 1939
Aldershot, Hants

Major EAB M.C.
R 22 R
Bank of Montreal
Waterloo Place
London, Eng.
(best address)

Aldershot, England
Dec 27, 1939

Dear Ma & Kids,

I hope you received my cable sent Dec 23 to Tuckahoe c/o W.J.M. We have been so busy since we got here, that writing home is forgotten not that I am forgetting you all because it is darn lonesome here, and specially on Christmas day, this place was like a morgue. We are getting lots of invitations to dinners, etc. to different estates out here. I am seeing lots of beautiful antiques but it does not seem to appeal to me a bit now.

I have a very responsible position as I am senior Major but the busier I am the quicker time passes. I have received no news from anyone as yet.

I know my little Junie has written me.

We had midnight Mass on Xmas night and a reveillon at 1:00 am for the men on Christmas night. I dined with three other officers, at what I call a home.

Arthur Guinas, the owner of Bass Ale and Guinas Stout famous English beer (he is like Jacob Ruppert at home, I have a standing invitation at all times, for my bath, eats, etc.

All of the boys are going on leave to London, but I cannot spare the time neither the money as my equipment set me back 150.00.  However I am leaving on a Senior Officer course on January 7, to Feb 17 and will not be allowed to stay at the College from Friday noon till Monday morning, meaning that I’ll weekend in London for 5 weeks to come. I plan to see a few shows, and specially study, as I am very rusty, and find it very hard to concentrate. However, I’ll pass that Course if it is the last thing I’ll ever do.

I feel quite at home in uniform, will have some snaps ready for you soon.

I do hope you all had a good time at Xmas, I suppose you all went to Warren. I surely thought of you all on that day. Here it rained all day.

We are now running into a stretch of bad weather, but fog and all, we get on with it.

I am practicing my English once more and the English officers call me the Yankee.

I hope that you’ll be able to manage with $150.00 extra for a while. When I go to France I’ll increase it to 200.00 per m.

Now when you start getting your money, it will be better for you to go on Saturdays to a bank down town say the Bank of Montreal.  However, if you send the checks to Emilia she can buy you American funds in Canada at .11% instead of the higher rates at home.

It is now supper time, I had a very strenuous day to-day and was up at 600 am.

Hope my darlings are well and be sure I am darn lonesome and do hope this thing called war will be short. Don’t worry about me. I have never been in better health.

Thousands of kisses to you all




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