Letter to my Wife

Major EAB
Royal 22e Regt

Sunday May 12.40

Dearest Ma & June

Do you by chance know this lady by the name of Laurette Blais.

I cut that out of a french newspaper.

Well I cable Ed Jr Friday on his birthday. I had just arrived in London, where I was going south for my first army furlough.  I slept in London Friday night, when to the movies, saw Bing Crosby Dot Lamour in Road to Singapore.  Kind of enjoyed it.

On arriving back at my hotel I got the news that this guy Hitler had gone mad, so at once knew that my vacation would go west.

Sure nough, early Sat’y morning, phone rang.  Major B. you are wanted home at once. If that’s not a tough brake I ask you.

Well Adolphe is now where we want him, from now on what a likking he’s gone to get.

I dont know what the future has in store for me, but hope none of you worry, as I know what it is all about.  I will not take extra chances, and will remain as safe as can be done.

I’d rather have my babies than all the Crosses in the world.

You can use my Bank of Montreal address. It is now the safest.

I cant tell you my next move but please don’t worry.

Write often, keep your chin up.

The weather here is gorgeous, like August at home.

Take your bath house at the club — and take it easy.

I have no way of sending you money.  As your allowance is about $100.00 per m.

However I think with this sure income you’ll manage ok.

I am now going for a swim at a private lake close to my quarters.  Wish you were here.

Lots of love and a big kiss to both of you

From Dady who loves you all very much


[On May 10, 1940, Germany initiated its invasion of Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.]


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