Postmarked:  3 May, 1940  Aldershot, Hants

2 May 40

My dear Lauretta & Junie

The two snaps in here are history for the Blais family:  Ironside Gamelin Blais, is’nt it a pity my Colonel was standing in front of camera, while Gen Gamelin was shaking my hand. picture #1  You can see the corner of my eye and my large shoulders, picture #2 Gen Gamelin is still talking to me, this time umpteen photographers my Colonel are all in front did I curse them  Don’t loose these pictures.

By the way, I sent you registered two enormous picture of me, taken by the official photographer from Ottawa.

I also sent you to Thetford Mines pictures of my Officers, (group) where I am very prominent.  Also picture of the Reg’t while presenting arms to Gen Gamelin.

I have a georgous collection of pictures taken at St James Palace in London.  You’ll get all in a few days.

To-day was sport day, it is now 10:30 pm. I am all in and jumping in bed thinking of you all.

Lots of love to you dearest.


[No photographs were found in the envelope.]

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