17 Apr 40
Aldershot, Hants

16 Apr. 40.

My dear Lauretta.

I enclosed a few snap shops of the funeral of one of my senior N.C.O. of whom I wrote you about some time ago.

No. 1 picture is the entrance to Princess Eugenie’s chappelle (in french) dating back to 1794. You can see by these snaps that we do things in great style here.  Lately my correspondonce has suffered heavily on account of outdoor training.  We have been out, in different training areas, for period of days, staying in trenches for periods at a time.

Now, what do you think of that guy Hitler, is he not the skunk royal, to go choke a few more little countries.

He sure is getting it in the neck this week.  Since Wed, 31 of his ships are at the bottom of the ocean, and more will go. Final conclusion, we have got him in a beautiful trap where he can’t wiggle out.

Watch him try somewhere else.  Don’t be worried about me, I am in great shape feeling like a million, and ready to take a darn good crack at him when called .

I got Roosevelt’s speech yesterday, it was a hony. You’ll be fighting with us in the near futur.

Nough said.  Will try and write to everyone soon.  Keep well, and don’t worry about me.

I ought to get my promotion soon –

Lots of love to you both.


[On April 9, 1940, Germany invaded Norway and Denmark.]

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