6. Apr. 40

My dear Lauretta;

It’s now one week to-night since I had a chance to write you a few words; I have been so darn busy with the training of my boys that when night comes I am all in.  The old legs are not what they were a few years ago, nevertheless, I have gained some weight, with all this out-door excersise.

I was in the trenches part of last week, so you can imagine the souvenir of the great war.  I have met quite a few more celebrities from Paris, my autograph book is now increasing fast.  My only amusement this week is a tea dansant given by the famous actress Alice Delysea at the Hungarian rest. in London.  I am going Thursday the 11 with one of my young officer, I am representing my Colonel.

Have not received any mail from you in a week. Are you falling down.

Will get a studio picture on my next visit to London (a good one) -

I am sending you a picture group of my Battalion’s officers.  What do you think of my position I am twice the size of my C.O. Did you received the menu from Mr Eden’s dinner  Seems to me you never answer any questions I asked you.

Ed Jr. sent me some cigarettes, good boy.

How’s my Junie these days.  I’ll write her this week.

I sure miss you all.  Sometimes I wish I was home but will stick it out.

My radio is now turned on on some “limy” station playing American Rag.  How [??] they are.  The favourite here is Bing Crosby.

Well Darling  Keep well.  Don’t work to hard and take care of the big baby.

Lots of love darling

Dad that loves you much



One Response to April 6, 1940

  1. jo leslie says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful letters. It is a shame we no longer write on paper to one another

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