2 Apr 1940
Aldershot, Hants

April 2. 1940

Darling Wife,

Just received your letter of March 16, also one from Ed Jr. March 17.  Not bad time.

Now about military qualifications.  There are three

“D” Distinguish

“G” Fairly Good

“A” Advert report i.e. no d. good, inefficient, etc.

These reports you signed on leaving College, in my class there were 79.  We had 5 D. 30% G the balance “A”.  So you can see you old man (ain’t) so darn dumb.  Well I must say it was hard work and plenty of it but got tru.

We are very busy these days, training and receiving notables, I mean big shots. Tomorrow, representatives from the press, French & English are here to watch us at training.  On April 11, I am invited to a tea dansant in London given by Alice Delysea, the famous from actress of the last war.  The party will take place at the Hungarian restaurant.  All our expenses paid, and a swell time sh. be had by all.  Did you receive my menu autograph by the Honorable Mr Anthony Eden, and all the cards I have been mailing you from everywhere.

Edmond tells me that he is paying 15% on Canadian currency above $100.00.  You should manage not to use that surplus and not sacrifice that horrible exchange.  By taking $100.00 you only lose $10.00 and not $15.00.  It is too bad that you have to pay that exchange.

Was glad to hear about Warren’s party.

He is a splendid chap.

Nough said, my servant says my bath is now ready.  So have to obey.

Keep well.  Miss you much. Lots of love darling

5:15 pm


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