11 am 30 Mar 1940
Aldershot, Hants

March 29. 1940

My dear sweethearts;

To-day will go down in history for the Royal 22e Regt.

We had the honor and distinction of being the only unit to be reviewed by your boy friend; Gen. Sir Edmund Ironsides.  And General Maurice Gamelin.  Well girlie your Major has now shaken the hand of Ironside & Gamelin.

We were highly complimented by all senior staff.

Photographers from all over Europe took hundreds of pictures. Watch for me in the Gaumont News, Pathé Freres, etc.  I’ll get some of them and specially the one of me shaking hand with Gamelin.

Last night we had our first formal dinner given by our Brigade Commander, and low and behold I was appointed Mess President so the first toast of the night to the King was proposed by yours truly in French.  My General in Chief chatted with me for 15 minutes during coffee & liquor  complimented me on my great success at Sheerness, and said my promotion would be very fast.

What does mother think of that. We are going to celebrate, to-night, with a dance in our N.C.O.’s Mess, have to be present, will go about ten p.m.

Got Eddie’s cigarettes ok.  Feeling fine & quite cheerful.  Received card from Madlyn D.W. sweet of her — shall write her soon.

I miss you all very much. Be home in 1945.? Don’t cry.

Lots of love darlings



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