Easter morning
8:00 am

Darling wife

Just got up a while ago, had my cup of tea in bed, and now listening to an Easter program on my wireless from Sweeden wonderful music and singing.  This is the life in Europe. This is part of my day’s work.  Keeping up with the Jones’s thru the air.

I bet you have better weather this morning than here.  It is dark and foggy and miserable outside.  I have to take the church parade at 10:00 am.  Maybe get good & wet and spoiled my new uniform, to bad is’nt.

I am dining out with the Colonel and Brigadier this evening.  Going quite social lately.

I suppose I told you about being in town last weekend at a luncheon at the Empire Club. My good friend Eden was there etc.

My Colonel tells me I am due to go to Scotland soon to represent the Canadian boys there.  I am getting quite fed up of railroads rides, specially at night in the blooming blackout.  By the way I never told you about London at night, you simply can’t see a darn thing.  Everyone bumps into you and it is quite comical but lot of sore heads get quite insulted, and why.  I had a studio picture taken in London and don’t like it so will take another soon when in town.

As you see by the attached clipping I may be in London for a week soon, quite an honor.

How are the folks at home.  Have you seen Warren’s baby lately.  I wrote George a second long letter the other day.

I also received a long letter from Chas Eble of the Gas Co. a great and wonderful letter. They saw me in the Pathé news my name regiment place and all.  Charles wants me to write him.

My promotion is now in process, as my General has my school certificate in hand.  What a lucky guy.  I took the last course of an officer, instead of taking the minor ones and passed it hands down.  They yet can’t see how I passed it.  My General was talking to me last night and is the only one that admits he knew I would.

I must get dress now and go for breakfeast, from my window just saw the Colonel passed.

Hope you have a good Easter week and take a good rest.

Lots of love




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