Thursday night
11:00 pm

Dear Lauretta & Junie

To-day was a new experience in my young military career.  I burried this afternoon one of my best non-commissioned officers who was killed the other day accidentally.  We had the funeral service in the Chapel of the Benedictins “monks”. I sent you some time ago the picture of the chapel that was built by Princess Eugenia, where she is buried, also Napoleon III.

We had a very imposing ceremony, sung by the chant of the Monastery monks.  I commanded the battalion, also took charge of the funeral parade, the burial in our cemetery at Aldershot where one of my good friend was buried there in Apr 1918.

I had this youngster buried in the same plot.

I’ll have quite a few snaps that where taken to-day.  The movies also took a lot of pictures.

I am so darn busy now that my correspondonce to my sweethearts is slipping.  I cable you and the children yesterday.

Now for Easter Sunday the Colonel and I are the guests of Arthur R Guinness for the day.  I was there last new year’s day for dinner I told you about it.

I am getting some of your mail.  I received yesterday your letter of Feb 21, telling me about your date with Winn.  So you see it took this one one month.

My radio is now chewing the fat in French.  I am listening to a program from Bordeaux.

I am quite all in to-night as I walked some ten miles with my parade to-day.  So will leave you all darlings.

Lots of love

A big kiss to you both.

Daddy that loves you very much.




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