London, Saturday morning, 3:00 am

Darling wife

You see what time it is; I have just landed to my hotel room from a marveleous dinner and reception, given to the Canadians by our ex Pr. Minister The Hon. R.B. Bennett who now resides in Kent England.  We sat at table at 9:00 pm.  Drank everything from Champagne to 1850 wine heard speaches galore and returned sober as a judge & now writing you before retiring.

I have a luncheon engagement at 1:00 pm. High Commissioner of Canada there I shall speak for French Canada.

What will I say?

This army life is just like a dream.

Kermit Roosevelt was my host to-night i.e. my table associate.  We had from Lords to whatnots etc.

I’ll try and pose for a decent picture to-day in a London studio.  In the meantime another snap of Sir Robert Block Bart & myself taken on the street a few weeks ago – one of those 25¢ snap.  Not bad eh.

Falling asleep by the minute, and what a rotten pen I am using.

Good night darling

Lots of love



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