Postmarked: 11:45am 15 Mar 1940 Aldershot,Hants

14 Mar 40
10:00 pm

Darling Lauretta & Junie

After a strenuous day, I have a few minutes before turning in to bed.

To-day was a real lively day for me, up at 5:00 am this morning, rain all morning snowed all afternoon and at dinner to-night the sun was shining, like Far Rock in June.  Some freakish weather.

I have snowed you under lately with photos letters and what not?  Hope it is keeping you busy reading.

What did you think of the big snap shots in my battle dress, i.e. same as the boys are wearing.  Looks like the d.—–  but easy on expensive clothes.

I am going to London to-morrow night, to attend a luncheon at the High Commission Sat’y noon, and will take in a good show in the eve’g (the Bat).  Quite a hit over here.  My staff Cap’t has just presented me with a pair of tickets.  Will rest over the week end and come back Sunday afternoon.

Were you surprised about the Finns quitting.  I do not know what effect it is going to have on us.  I should worry.

I may buy a few nice pieces of antiques soon and leave them in my trunk in London (about trunk I had to buy myself a steamer trunk when I got here, so will storage my souvenirs in it.  I don’t know my next move, but expect to be here quite a while.

My Bank of M. address is still the best.  Have not heard from you in a week.

You two are wonderful, I sure enjoy your letters.

The boys are now yelling at me.  Love to both of you.

A big kiss



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