Postmarked: 11:45 am 11 Mar 1940 Aldershot, Hants

Sunday night
March 10, 1940

My darlings,

This week has been my best since here.

Up at 5.30 am, breakfeast at 6.30 lunch at 12.00 tea at 4.00 bath at 5.00 dinner at 7.00 cocktail and sherry, before dinner, so this afternoon, I slept.

We are now in full spring here, wonderful weather and no sickness whatever.  Yesterday I attended a cocktail party at Lady Cross, near here.  I saw a home that you would like, antiques galore.  I sent you to-night three set of snaps taken by one of my men.

You will notice that I now wear a soldier uniform, it’s easier on my expensive uniforms.  How do you like my “coneau” side hat.

Now do what you like about your apartment.  If I was you I’d stay where you are, maybe when I am Colonel you could come to Europe, for a year or so.

So save your money.

I am not going to London for the rest of the month, I have too much to do.

My men have a surprise party for me tomorrow March 11.

As I am writing to you I have my wireless “Radio” to you tuned on the Paris Opera.

I have written Georgie, and sent Warren congratulations by cable, on Mary Francis.

By the way who is this fellow Jerry you want me to write to.

I got Winston Churchill’s autograph for my log thru Mr Eden’s secretary.  I am sending Edmond a Canadian M.O. that I cashed for one of my boys so he can send me some Canadian cigarettes.

Tobacco and cig are exorbitant here in prices.

Well, love, will write you some more this week.

Keep well both of you, and think of daddy who loves you very much.

A big kiss



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