Postmarked: 8:00 pm 4 Mar 1940 Aldershot, Hants

Monday morning
March 4. 1940

Darling wife;

Now sitting in my office and can spare a few minutes between jobs.  I had another serial of photos taken a few minutes ago, so you’ll get the soon.  I hope your cks have come to you ok.  Now on your Income tax you don’t have to report anything this year, but next year you’ll have to had $1800.00 on your income and pay tax on it.

We have now started spring weather, and now wearing our battle dress.  I don’t expect to be out of here this month so no more speeches for a while.  What did you think of my reception by Mr Eden.  I received this morning the autograph of our first Lord of Admiralty Winston Churchill. What a famous little book that is going to be.

I have been feeling great ever since I came out of hospital, that week’s rest there was a great tonic.  I wish you would do the same.

If you don’t feel good take two weeks out around Easter, and go to a hospital in NY for a complete examination get a doctor’s certificate and collect your insurance.

I have not heard from any of you in ten days.  A boat ought to be in soon.

I mailed Junie lots of cards from Colwyn Bay where I was for the reception, hope she gets them.  I also mailed her 12 cards from London 10 days ago.

Tell her to tell me if she gets them.

Lots of love



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