Rhos-on-Sea North Wales

St. Davids Day
March 1st 1940

Darling Wife

Just arrived here after crossing continent.  Look up you map and see where I am to-night.  I am here to represent French Canada, in the name of my Regt.  The journey was splendid.  From where I am writing I can see Dublin, in Ireland right across from here.

I was received like a Premier Minister here an hour ago.  My speech in answer to the toast of Canada is ready. I’ll mail you a copy of my precis when the job is done.

You’ll agree your old man has ideas.

This is the most wonderful spot I have ever seen.  We are on the coast in Wales, England famous sea shore & aristocratic resort.

I can’t stay here long as I am to speak in Grosvenor House tomorrow at 6:00 pm at a tea dansant given by the Red Cross.  I’ll be at the Cumberland Hotel and return to camp Sunday night.

All of this is like a dream.


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