10:45 am 22 Feb 1940
Aldershot, Hants

London, 20 Feb. 1940

My dear Lauretta;

As you will see from enclosed card, to-night was a great night for me.

As guest of Sir Derick W. Johnston Bart, and dinner companion of Mr (The Honorable Anthony Eden, you can see that your old soldier is far from slipping.  Mr Eden was wonderful to me, talked about everything in general told me all about his trip to America, asked me if I knew Jack O’Ryan and etc.

When I told him you knew Jack he asked me to tell you to remember him to him.  With the enclosed card autographed, find Gen. O’Ryan’s address, write him, and send him Eden’s note.

The dinner was in Sir Derick private Chamber.

Those present were. -

Anthony Eden  (The Hon)

Hardy Ganong  Colonel

EA Blais  Major

JPL Thomas  Sec’y to Mr Eden

EW Matthews  Major

Wm Stillman  Colonel

S. V. Walker  Captain

Maurice Hope  Major, and a great soldier

I am keeping a log with all events taking place in this little life of mine.  So, keep this card menu very carefully because some day A. Eden will be the biggest man in England.

Colonel Ganong and I are eating our breakfeast in bed this morning and will lunch here with Gen. Foster.  I am due back at camp to-night at dinner time.

Next Saturday, I am to represent Quebec in Scotland.  Will be away three days.

Well darling this is all the news for last night.  I spoke 3rd and only 3 minutes, I was thankful for that.  Had to speak in English.

Was well prepared -

Just received a letter from Warren.  Have received all your letters up to VII.

Well darling, the Colonel is yelling his lungs out at me for keeping him waiting.

Lots of love.



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