The enclosed snap is of my boys when the King was here in Jan to look them over.  What do you think of that alignment, it is 400 yards long.

They were simply wonderful.


Feb 23. 1940.

Darling Wife,

I just had the honor of shaking hand with Sir Oliver Stanley, Minister of War, who replaced Mr Belisha.  What a man.

I never told you the time Mr. H. Belisha was here, I had a long chat in french with him.

Feb 26.

It is about time that I finish this letter.  I have been so darn busy that when night time comes I am all in, so my writing home suffers; however, I promise to write weekly.

I was in London Thursday night with my boys, we played a hockey game at Earl’s Court.  We should have won, as we have a wonderful team, but however the score was 3 all.

I am getting ready to leave here Thursday night for South Wales, a long distance from here, where I am picked by my Brigadier to represent French Canada on St. David’s Day, March the 1st.  I’ll return Saturday to London, and rest there till Sunday night.  I plan to take in a couple of good shows while in town.

I am now feeling quite like myself.  On Sunday the Life Magazine took a bunch of pictures of Poirier & I. I am keeping most of the snaps here as I have a log, my collection is growing fast.

The weather is quite nice here now.

I am expecting my promotion soon, means more money for you.  By the way, will you send Emilia $3.00.  With that she can send me 900 cigarettes.  All she has to do is to forward the money to the Imperial Tobacco in Montreal with my name (rank & address) and they’ll mail me at their expenses the cig.  It is costing me a fortune here for my smokes.

Can you find out if you can send me some tobacco, from the Am. Red Cross i.e. you paying for it.

It is now 11:30 pm.  I am listing to Rome on my radio, and just finish a program from Paris & Spain.

When my promotion come I want you to come to London, in the summer, via Italy.

I’ll write more about it later.

Good night darlings,

A big kiss




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