Senior Officers School



Tuesday Feb 13.40

My dear Lauretta & Junie

Your Air Mail letter arrived to-day; exactly 12 days to get here. Your letter #4 took 11 days for ordinary postage so nothing gained.

I am missing your letters V, VI, they may be in Aldershot.

I am back at work since Saturday.  My cold is gone but feel a bit weak, but taking things easy.

I am thru with my course Saturday the 17 Feb and will be in Aldershot for quite a while.

I have bought an album, and accumulating numerous photos.  I have the school photo that is darn good will mail you a copy for my war log.

As I told you in my last letter, my medals and all my civilian clothes were left with a good friend of mine in Quebec.  Mr. Chicouaine my tailor who was to send my clothing to Emilia & my medals to you.  So if you have not received them by now, Emilia ought to go to Quebec and get them.

Gentlemen supper is served.

An announcement just reached me.

Miss you all a whole lot.

A big kiss & hug to you and Junie.



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