7:30 pm 11 Feb 1940
Sheerness, Kent



Sunday Feb 11.40

Darling wife

Well it had to come.  That nasty cold that I caught two weeks ago landed me straight in hospital.  My doctor here at school did not want to take a chance as I was very feverish.  Stayed in bed for four days only; I returned here yesterday.  Was sorry to miss one week of school, but will catch up this week.

Received a grand letter from Geo. Vanier to-day.  He sure is happy to see me back and is waiting anxiously my arrival in France.

I’ll be back with my unit on the 20th of Fby.  I believe your best address to me is still the Base P.O. Canada.

I am meeting Kermit Roosevelt in London next Saturday at the British Empire Club.  I’ll try and have a picture of the two of us for you.

This is all about the news, hope you are getting lots of mail from me.  Have received you 4th letter.  Write often.

A big kiss to you & baby.


P.S. Went to church in the most beautiful place you ever saw.  The bldg is 200 years old, it is a grotto built on the sea shore by a great king.



2 Responses to February 11, 1940

  1. Jim says:

    Realy interesting look back in time. Any idea what or where the church is? It sounds like a good place to visit.

    • pb says:

      Hi there… Glad you are enjoying the site. But, no sorry, I don’t know the specifics of the church – though it must be in or near Sheerness, Kent, UK, where Major Blais was posted at the time…

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