7:45 pm 3 Feb 40
 Sheerness, Kent

Saturday Feb 3.40

My Dear Lauretta

I had planned to go to London to-day, but the school work for next week is too hard so will stay home and study instead.

Last night was our formal reception by British officers to the Canadians.

We had an excellent meal, all kinds of wines, and to finish it properly Champagne.  Well I had to go at it easy, – cause I had been warned by the Brigadier that I was to respond to the toast to the King, for France.  Well I guess my 8 minutes speech will go down in history.  I spoke in French for 6 minutes and then finished in English.

I had it prepared from the French, Illustration, General Durand used that speech at the french Academy only two weeks ago, so you can picture the hight of it.

I have had nothing but compliments coming from everywhere and I am quite proud of myself.

But will have to repeat in two weeks at a luncheon in the House of Parliament in London.  One of my fellow officer a Sir and Baronet is also a member of Parliament and has me booked for that hard task.

I’ll meet Mr. Eden again.  I hope I told you that Mr Eden was with us when we arrived, also with us in Aldershot.

He is some boy.

To-night I am dining with the Hon. R.B. Bennett one of our Premier of Canada.  R.B. has a beautiful estate here in Kent Co. and of course more speeching I suppose.

Well you can see that my spare time is well taken between studies at school and preparing speeches.  I shall return to my unit a the end of February:  well qualified, and in line for a promotion.

I see by my bank book to-day that your allowance of January has been paid to you, i.e. for January you should have received $134.00 + $17.25.  Please let me know if you are getting it as it is deducted from my pay.

By fact, gave me a list of what you have received to date so I can verify it with my ledger sheet, at the pay offices.

Nough said lunch is now ready!

Have received you letter 1.2.3.

So write often

Missing you darling?

Lots of love




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