7 pm 1 Feb 1940
 Sheerness, Kent

Thursday Feb 1st 40

Well your letter #3 arrived to-day after travelling all over the globe on a 3¢ stamp.

1st  It costs 5¢ for a letter to Europe.

2nd  I cable my address to Warren on Dec. 23rd last.   Bank of Montreal, Waterloo Place, London. —Why in the d. did he not at least let you know my address.

Well I hope you hve received your cks ok, and that you are not in good shape -

Miss you all very much here.

I am going to London for the week end to get a good bath and a good bed.

Will write you there.  Lots of love.

P.S.  Did you ever receive a letter I sent you by Air Mail  it cost me 65¢ to do it.

Please tell me all about it.



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