9:45 am  30 Jan 1940
Sheerness, Kent

Senior Officers School

Monday night
9:00 pm
Jan 29. 1940

Dear Lauretta

Your letter #2 dated Jan 8th just arrived to-day.

Why don’t you tell me what two cks you received.

Once more in December you were to get 67.00 from seperation allowance in other words married woman allowance and 17.25 pension payable to you.

By the way, are my pension cks now payable to you.  I had that autorize in Dec.

Now on Jan 31, 1940 you are to get

Allowance       67.00
From my pay  67.00
Pension           17.25


Kindly read this letter and answer me the questions asked.  This is about the 4th time I have mentionned this.

Now did you receive my medals.

My clothes are all at Emilia.

Answer this also.

I sent Emilia one picture taken by the London Illustrated of Emile Poirier & myself.

She is to send it to you.  I also mailed you lots of menus from the Aquitania.  They are marvelous.

Hope you are feeling better.  I cable Warren on Xmas day thinking that you’d all be there.  I am surprise Carrie didn’t write you about it.  Nough said.  It is very cold here and the school work very interesting.

I bet I have written you 20 letters already.  Have received 2 from you.  Got to go to school

Keep well
Lots of love




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