Senior Officers School

Letter to my wife
Royal 22nd Regt
Aldershot Eng

Saturday noon.
Jan 26, 1940

Dear Lauretta,

Well everyone has flown away for the week end, only a few of us remained here (reason study).  However the school Commondont has invited me to tea & dinner to-night at his week end home, a beautiful farm not far from here.

Well I have now finished my 3rd week at College and my trials have all been excellent.

Just a born soldier?

I received yesterday a letter from Junie dated Jan 2.  How slow mail is coming along.

I believe that if you send my mail to Canada it would get here much quicker, ie Canadian Base P.O. instead of my London address.

I wanted to send Ed Jr. some money but have been stopped as no money can be transferred from B. Isles without permission of some high officials.

However, I am applying for a monthly permit to do so.

How are you feeling.  I do hope you are ok now.

I caught a nasty cold last week and I am having a hard time with it.

How are the folks.

Have you heard from Warren & Carrie lately.

Do write more often.

Hope you keep in good health.

Saving 15.00 a month for my Miami home — the dream house.

I miss you all a hole lot.

Lots of love.



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