Senior Officers School

Sunday Jan 21.40

My darling wife

While I am having my sherry before my Sunday dinner I’ll write you the doings of the week.

First of all we are now in Winter, plenty of snow, and real cold weather. I am spending most of my day in the open so you can image my complexion by now.  I have gained ten pounds since I got here and will stop that at once.  I am finding it real hard to study so much.  I have to read, read and read over and again to memorize things.  My professors are very kind to me and sure help me a lot.  being the only Canadian I’ll be qualified as a general when I am thru here.  so you’ll have Sir Edmund Ironside Blais before I am finish with this war.

Geo Vanier wrote me yesterday.  I’ll see him soon, he remembers you quite well. – and wishes to be remembered to you. -

I expect to be commanding a regiment in the spring, so don’t get frightened everything will be alright.

Boy do I miss you all, specially this morning, getting up in the cold and having no comfort at all, specially my little wife.

To date I have received only your letter #1.  So write often & keep well.

Lots of love



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