Postmarked: 11:45 am 17 Jan 1940


Senior Officers School



Jan 17 1940

Dear Ma.

Your letter #1 just arrived to-day. -

I have written you at least twenty letters since. On one of my previous letter, that was about 10 pages I told you all about our crossing, that was so marvellous, on the Aquitania. My interview with Hoare-Belisha and all my records in movies etc.

I am accumulating a serie of photos that I will send to Emilia, then she can send them to you. We are in the midst of winter. working like beavers to learn something etc. This afternoon, I am going to tea, where Henry VIII had all his fun.

Shall be back for evening lectures -

Have not heard from my Regiment in two weeks. I have written Ed. Jr. several letters also to Junie

Write often,

With lots of love,


I hope you got some cks by now.

P.S. Did the Govt change my pension to you yet.

A letter was sent to me in dec autorizing the transfer. I hope you didn’t send the letter after me.



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