Postmarked: 5:30pm 17 Jan 1940
Senior Officers School

Tuesday night
Jan 16. 1940

Dear Lauretta,

For the last two days we have been in the midst of a beautiful winter scenery.  I never was so cold in Canada, as I was here to-day, snow and cold wind all day.  They tell me it’s all part of my training.

Now regarding correspondonce I bet I have written you 20 letters, since dec 15th and all I had from you is one, written about dec 10.

Have you got no ink or pen.

I am writing often, cause I can do it here after my evening formal dinner.  Please write & tell me all.

Lots of love


My address is good now,
Bank of Montreal
Waterloo Place,
London, Eng.


Royal 22nd Regt.
Guillemont Barracks
Cove, Hants.


Canada House, London



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