9:45 AM  13 Jan 1940
Sheerness, Kent

Senior Officers School

Friday noon

Jan 12

Lunch time –

Hello darling –

Just came in, and have a few minutes for lunch.

Sonnie should see me going to College.  Lectures, at all hours of the day, study periods, discussion, etc.

I am qualifying myself for General.

I am in a beautiful spot here same as Far Rock’y.

The weather is beautiful to-day.  I guess feel like going for a swim. Being the only Can’n here, I am quite popular.  Sir John B. Bt. is my room mate, and of course a great scholar.  Nevertheless, we are great pals, and getting along splendidly –

I have to study about 18 hours a day to get on.  So you can see no monkey bus’s here.

How are you, hope you are well and not worrying about your hubby.

It is now time for port wine before lunch, I mean sherry.

Lots of love darling





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