6 15 pm  7  Jan 1940

Saturday night
Jan 6, 40

Dear Ma

I came here Thursday night to finish (complete) my equipment for the Continent, also to take two days rest as I got the darndest cold & cuff you ever saw.

It is very hard on us this London climate, fog and rain all the time, bitter cold at night and no heat.  I bought myself a sleeping bag so while I am at the College for the next two months I’ll keep warm at night.

You ought to see all the darn equipment needed now, everyday it is something new.  When I am all dress I am like a Xmas tree.  While at school I’ll get a serie of 3 pictures taken and will send them to you, as soon as possible.

I just ate my supper in this real old castle boy you would have enjoyed it, it took me two & half hours.  The Countess of Marlborough is our hostess, and quite a fuss is being made over us.  I have a room here as big as your appartment with private bath, showers, twin beds, and a million dollars worth of antiques all for £0_13_0 shillings ($2.00 per night and breakfeast – and what food. Well I hope a day will come when you’ll see all these nice things.

Did Eddie get back to school o.k. and June how is she starring in school.

One of my junior officers has just called for me and we are going to hear Fritz Krisler at the Opera.  Will write to you from Sheerness, Eng.

Keep well, lots of love and be sure I miss you.?



My good friend Colonel Ritchie of the Legion will write you from Montreal soon.

I dined with him last night.


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