#15 Canadian Gen’l Hospital
8. Jan. 41.

Dear Ma & Junie;

Sending you herewith clippings of Elmer Belding’s letter. Is’nt he a dandy chap.  I am writing him to-night.

Had another good day; My Adjutant brought me in some clothes to-day I may start getting up soon.  I expect my convalescence is going to be long.

They are now talking of evacuating me home, sooner than expected.  They can’t make me sore.  Boy did it look like Canada here to-day, [word cut out] like blases all day.  I have four windows in my room, that are rather high, but I can see the tops of the other huts covered with the [word cut out] stuff.

But after thinking I believe I’d rather be in Bermuda.  You know they may not board me out of the Army in Canada.  I may be granted a six months leave with pay and sent to a warm country for treatment.  They are not sure what they are going to do.

I should worry, but we’ll be alright, what ever happen –

Cheerio, darlings

Lots of love


Yet not mail from you since Dec 1st





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