Dec 30.1940
Tea Time
Sitting up in bed, raising h after my nursie

Dearest Mama;

What a funny desease I must have.  Yesterday I felt in the dump. To-day I haven’t a pain or an ache.  I suppose I should touch wood.

The heart specialist says that I am true with attacks now.  The one two days ago was not severe – or I am stronger now, and snapping out of it faster.

Anyhow am I fed up.  Now that I know my future I want to get out of here, and go home.

Tomorrow the last day of the year.  Where are you all going for New Year.

Hope you have a good time and enjoy yourself a bit.  Gee but mail is slow coming from you. I have had two letters from Junie, she’s the life saver and none from you for one month.

How about it Ma, are all yours feeding the fishes.  I guess so.

I expect to get up soon.  I think once up I’ll stay up.

Now to wish you a Happy New Year, and the next one we’ll be together.  Two is enough to be away.

Lots of love



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