Sunday 29 dec.40
#15 Can. Gen’l Hospital

My dear Ma & Junie;

Well to-day I feel in the dump.  I was getting along so well, to well to be true, and yesterday out of no where, if I don’t get another attack.  Mild kind although, setting me back for another month.  Well Mama I think I am a sick boy, and will have to do plenty more fighting to get out of this and get to you.  It’s now one and half month since I was strucked.  The heart specialist is convinced I am getting much better, but it is a slow process; I have received numerous cables from America & Canada.  If good wishes can cure me I am sure to get well again.  I hope you are not worrying too much about me.

I am having wonderful care here – Everyone is so nice to me, but I think if I was home I’d get better quicker.  Nevertheless that’s impossible as they won’t move me till I am up on my feet, and can take the trip.

The boys from the Battalion have all been here, and my boys from school come every day.  However, there is a sign on my door, No Visitors Please.

It is rest and rest I must have.

After the new year I’ll not see anyone for two weeks, to see what reaction this will have.

Miss you & Junie a lot, Ma.

I guess you must keep your prayers for a while longer -

Lots of love Darling




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