Christmas Day
6.15 pm here 1200 Noon in New York
Just finished by supper

Dearest Mama,

This is I may say the end of a perfect day.  God has been good to me to-day.  I have not had a single pain all day, for that I am thankful.

Here is how I spent the day;

Woke up at 7.15.  Had my morning bath, then, Holy Communion, then breakfeast.  It is now 9.00 am and now a pipe of tobacco, don’t you think that’s a good sign.  Turned on the wireless, and heard the most beautiful carrols, you could ever dreamed of.

10.00 am. Now comes nursie, to sleep I must go, with all the windows opened, and warm sweaters and a woollen hat on my grey head -

11.00  Too nerveous to sleep.  Nursie says I can’t get up (meaning sit up, as I was a bad boy and didn’t sleep. — So, after using much complimentary language – you know (the french finesse) nursie compromised, closed the windows and opened my door.

Now noon.  The doctor’s daily inspection.  Instructions, regarding visitors and all.  (You must not get tired, etc.  Now start the list of well wishers and friends from all over England.

1.00 am.  A real home cooked turkey dinner.  And all the trees.  The Matron Miss Neill is here herself to supervise.  What wonderful girls the nurses are.  My room is gay, beautifully decorated, a big table alongside my bed, filled with presents of all kinds.

Lunch was a bit heavy, must rest if only 15 minutes, but too excited and nerveous to sleep.

2.30 pm Gen McNaughton arrived, stayed about 15 minutes, and announced me that I must go home, and forget the Army and think of my health.  The Gen sayed, I hate to see you go, and Blais you were the best Fr. Can. soldier under my command (what a head)?  I’ll see that you don’t get evacuated till this spring, first we must put you on your feet, and then wait till the submarine menace is over, and wait till conditions are right for you to travel.  Really Ma, that man cured me with his fatherly talks, and his wonderful honest friendship.  Mrs McN give me a great big kiss for you, and said she will write you.

Now 4.00 pm.  Getting a bit tired but won’t give in -

The King is now coming on the air.  Darn it, no more ink in my pen.  His talk, although slow, was straight-forward, honest and sincere.  What a great man he is.

5.00  New York now on the Air. All the english kids talking to their parents over the sea.  It brakes my weak and sick heart to listen so had to shut off the wireless.

Getting tired fast.  One hour sleep before night concert.

We’ll carry on later


Found the ink bottle -

Now 7.00 pm.  Star Variety show on the Air.  My door is now closed, I am sitting in bed smoking my pipe and sipping a wee small glass of Champagne, sent to me by my room neighbour Brig. Smith, of our 1st Div.— Instructions.  I am to drink it if it kills me. But took no chances, and nursie says it won’t hurt you.  So to your health darling.

Will keep on thinking of you all all week.

Must close now

Lots of love darling

Keep well, & God bless you





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