Christmas Eve
#15 Gen. Can. Hospital

Dearest Lauretta

How I wish I were home to-night, instead of this hosp. cot.  I feel pretty good, but, when I think I’ll always have that draw back against me, it makes me feel a bit blue sometimes.  I am realizing now how sick I have been, and how terrible I feel at times for only short periods.  The M.O. tells me it will disappear with the rest, but with five weeks already, I should think I’d be much better.  I always feel that slight pain on my left it annoys me at times terribly.  The Nurses have decorated my room to make it cheerful – they’re wonderful.

The boys in here are planning a wee bit of a celebration but my door will be closed, so not to disturb me.

The Padre is bringing Communion at 8.00 in the morning, he is also saying Midnight Mass to-night.  I wish I could be there.

Now Mommie don’t worry about me.  I’ll get better, and we’ll be together soon, as I miss you  a whole lot.

A big kiss to you darling






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