15 Gen. Hospital
Sat’y night dec 21.40

My dear Ma & Junie;

My buddie, E Poirier, was in to-day, and had tea with me.  He has been here many times, and sure was anxious about me.  But, to-night he went away happy, as my condition has improved 100%.

He has to travel about 70 miles, to come and see me.  My Div Comdr Gen Perkes V.C. was in also, to wish me a Merry Xmas, and all;  I have received already many letters & cards and presents, and good wishes from all my countless friends of the 1st Div.

It surely makes me feel good to think, that while I am down, my friends have proven the real kind.

Father McManus our Padre has been here a few minutes ago, for a few yarns, he’s a great fellow.  Dr Overholt, my great friend also called.

It’s now close to 10.00 pm and nursy has started to scolled me for writing.  This is one place where one has to take orders from the weak side of life (female to you) -

Well darlings, I am writing lots of letters to you.  I hope they don’t all feed the fishes.

Going to sleep thinking and dreaming of my darlings

Lots of love



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