15 Gen. Hosp. CASF
17 Dec. 40

My dear Ma;

Now 7.00 pm listening to my Radio, right along-side my bed, to some yankee blue singer from the South, somewhere in Scotland, you’d think you were in Harlem.

I am sitting in bed, smoking a big Yankee “ceegar” that Geo. sent me from Detroit.  I am quite a sight, with an hospital shirt that buttons in the back, it’s quite a rig -

A few minutes ago I just heard a real “Al Smith” speech made by Lord Beverbrook (Max Aitken) the canuck.  It felt good to hear a guy talk your language.

He sure is powerful.  He is our Minister of Aircraft production.  He may replace Lord Lothian at home.

—-Finish Wed—–

The O.C. of the Hosp has just been here with me.  We had a long talk about my condition.  For the first time, I have been told what is the matter with me.

I think it spells like this “Cornoris Thrombosis”.  A clot of blood that forms around your heart, and jammed the main vain i.e. the blood vessels from your heart to all membronce of your body.

That clot when it disappears leave a scar that has to heal (I hope that’s the right way to spell it) not (eal) and form a second scar that will disappear automatically with the rest cure.  i.e. laying in bed, so that no heart action takes place.

Well, the C.O. told me that I can’t go back to work till the spring, or may be never, i.e. Army work.  He wouldn’t think of evacuating me to Canada for 3 or 4 months yet, if I am to be boarded out.  They insist that I can be and will be cured enough to live to be an old man.

Well I must admit, although I am in good spirits and all, this sickness has made me ten years older, for a thing my hairs are turning completely white, and talk about losing weight.  I bet I have lost 20 pounds already.

For that I am thankful. Good Jewish expression ain’t it.  The only thing I am sorry about is that although Gen McN has not replaced me as yet, he’ll have to do it soon.

The way I feel now I think I’d just as well go home, and take my pension as Lt. Col. about $50.00 a week.  And may be hold a diplomatic position later on in Washington say as Military Attaché.  If I can work the Gov’t won’t let me out on a/c of my rank.

Let’s wait and see -

Nough said for now.

Keep well & lots of love





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