15 Gen. Can. Hospital
Dec 16.40

My dear Ma & kids;

Well up to yesterday I guess I was getting along to good.  Yesterday morning I got another darn attack, that lasted about one hour.

My doctor thinks it’s the last one as my heart, circulation blood pressure & pulse are extraordinary good.

I believe it was a slight indigestion from something I ate Saturday night.

It’s going to set me back as I was going to sit up by new year.  Now it means a few more weeks in bed, how I am fed up.  This last attack I guess will sure send me to Canada.

It cleared quite easy – and I was ok last night.

Just received your letter of Nov. 22.  Glad to see you went to Nellie’s for Thanksgiving.  I sent Nellie, Warren & you each a nice english calender with my regimental Xmas card.  Did you get it.  I mailed most of my Xmas cards before I took sick -

Do you tell how you made out regarding your status in USA.  And when will Ed Jr have to register for service.

Did you get the extra allowance i.e. $60.00 instead of 55.00 for you – you are intitled from Oct 2. 1940 thats the date of my promotion.  Your extra allowance of $33.00 was deducted from me since August last ck up and see if you got it all -

Are you getting gov’t exchange on your cks now.  The board has advised me that it was ok from Oct. on – See that you get it.

What do you think of the licking the Ginnies are getting.  I guess they are just about ready to fold up and go home.

This writing in bed is awful.  I hope you can read it -

Where are you going for Xmas & NY dinners -

You can join me in this here hospital.  Good meals but I am only getting about 6 ounces per day, all liquid.

Not so good when your hungry.

Do write often.

Lots of love to all of you

Be seeing you may be sooner than I think

As ever




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