15 Gen. Can. Hospital
Friday the 13th
dec. 40

Dear Ma & kids;

Started to write yesterday but quit in the attempt when saw the date Fri 13.

So this is Saty the 14th.

Feeling quite good this morning had a very good night, and proceeding rapidly to a quick recovery.

It’s now I realize how many good friends I have in this here little army of ours.  I think every one who is somebody has called in to see my.  It’s most to know, specially when knocked out in bed.

Had an important visitor yesterday Our A.D.M.S. Colonel McKusker our our 1st Div.  He will cable you to-day and write you about my condition -

See that you answer him and my personal physician Dr Overholt, the man that took the great decision the morning of Nov. 20 when I had the attack.

You know when I start to think do you remember about two years ago one morning my fainting in the wash room.  Well this attack had absolutely the same simptoms, but was more severe, as it quite paralysed my left arm at once, my left leg was also temporary affected, but now everything has cleared beautifully.

Now I know my condition, re my heart, and will have to act accordingly -

By way of things happening now I may stay here after all and carry on with my school in the spring.

I may be granted a three months furlong home.  Gen McN. sure is a father to me.

Already there are so many senior officers looking for my job.  You know I rate much higher than a Reg’t Commander, and there will be extra pay, for educational and instructional work, also University Commandant.

I’d like if I could improve myself so much so as to be able to carry on, at a Military school home later.  Maybe my dreams will all be shattered when the Med. Faculty boards me.

Anyway (I ain’t worrying) how’s this for Yankee slang.

Must tell you right now, my English accent has quite improved; by fact the Gen says I am the best Eng speaker of the Fr. Can. in England – quite a compliment, don’t you think.

Nough of this junk.  Hope you can read this cause writing while laying down is not so easy.

Do write & write.  Gee but the Ginnies are catching hell now.

It’s only beginning -

How dreadful the death of Lord Lothian

Lots of love darlings



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