15 Gen. Can. Hospital
11 dec. 40

Dear Lauretta & Kids,

What a life.  7:30 pm had a great day, eating, and sleeping.  Had a couple visitors.  My Brigadier Price, never lets a couple days without calling in.  Also Brig Leclerc, an old pal from the last war called in.

Nothing exciting.  The specialist says I am getting along splendidly, but he sure keep a close watch on me.  Just think I am starting my 4th week in bed, boy how the days are long.  Have to be here for 8 more weeks, and then out on convalescence for another 8 weeks I suppose and then home sweet home, I think.

With my condition, you are boarded out of the Army at once.

I have had no news from you since arriving here, except your cable.  Do write often.

This sure will be a lonesome Xmas.

Will you send me the size of your pinky also finger of your wedding ring, and what stone you prefer.

If I can I’ll bring you a present from here – you have the wrong conception about things being cheep here.  Prices are top heavy on luxuries, on ac of the sales tax of about 30% – however I’ll buy you something -

I am not making any plans as to my future, it will all depend on my condition if I can carry on, on my military career in Canada, or pensionned right out.  In the mean time don’t worry your ck will run for quite some time yet no matter what happen when I get home.

But you should watch your money carefully.  If I am boarded out, the income will be cut plenty, and new plans would have to be made for Ed Jr. next year.

Let’s wait till we get there

Nough said. Getting a bit all in, to bed early for me.

Lots of love


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