15 General Can. Hospital
9 dec. 40

My dear Ma & children;

Sitting in bed, to-day and not a pain or an ache.  Just had my morning orderly attend to me and now all set to write.

Well folks, I reckon I have been quite a sick man, but on the way mending right now.  My heart has not troubled me for one week now, and I have started to eat again.

Miss Neil our Matron has appointed me the star boarder, and comes in twice a day to see if I have all I want.

Yesterday, was visited by 3 Generals (including my Brigadier Price). It is starting to annoy me a bit to be in bed for 12 weeks – as they have a sign on the door (Positively No Visitors).

They are giving me the complete rest cure, I must not talk or move my left side what so ever.

You know how hard that is for me. Well there is no fooling here.  I have to get better or be a damn nuisance for ever, and that won’t do.

If I am evacuated to Canada it will not be before spring, as they won’t take a chance on a rough crossing with me.

If I keep on getting well so fast, I may fool them and go back to my School.

Gen McN says I’ll be back on the job.  He sure is a real friend, he has been here twice and is always asking every one about me.  He has a regular morning call from his HQ to here so your old man can’t be so bad as a soldier.

I have had nothing but praise on the 41 Cadets I graduated on the 23 Nov.  They are wonderful, well trained, and I made sure they’d look like officers.  I even watch their kit, dress & all.

You know something. My boys sent me dozens of beautiful flowers – and after the first day in my room my face started swelling – so out went the flowers to the nurses’ mess.  That’s a new one on me.

If I am sent home, I’ll be boarded out, unless I can carry on, with some kind of Army work.  The OC here says I am 100% libility to the Gov’t.  To bad about him.

If boarded out I’ll insist on 100% pension as a Colonel, that will give me a fair living, and plenty of protection for you.  Right now I am not worried about anything like that.

All I want is to get well.

By the way you’ll see by the enclosed card George sent me some cigars & cig from Detroit, no duty or nothing.

So you all can do the same home.

But address it to England not c/o B.P.O. Canada.

Have cabled you twice.  Did the Govt advise you on my sickness.

Nough said

Keep your chin up.

Lots of love


I guess it’s Merry Xmas by the time this arrives -

So many of them



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