15 Can. Gen Hospital
In the field
29 Nov. 40

My dear Lauretta;

Well momy this is the first time since Nov. 20 that I have had a pen or pencil in hand, and I am still feeling pretty shaky.  I sat in bed to-day for a few hours to rest my back but got very tyred and had to sleep some more.

I received to-day the clipping of Mrs McNaughton and the two nursing sisters.  Well Miss Hunt I must say was a mother to me.  She watch me for nights, sitting along side my bed, not leaving me alone for one minute.  She sure mothered me back to life, and a note of thanks is due her.

My sickness was exactly what happened to Clara.

It caught me, at about 7.30 am the 20th.  I had one attack, that lasted about 10 minutes, so I thought it was indigestion.  So my batman give me a dose of Enos salt.

As I was not getting better, Major Mathers my second-in-command ran for the Doctor, who nailed me to bed, and forbid me from moving.  He at once got the ambulance who took me to 15 Gen. Hosp. it only took a few minutes.  On arriving at hosp’l I got two more attacks that lasted about half an hour.  But my entourage of the medical profession was complete.

Heart specialist started to work on me, kept the attack localised to my heart, took pints of blood from my fat body and then put me tru. an artificial respiration order that I can’t explain.  However I came to swell and by night time I was in great shape.

That was Wed, but alas Thurs. night at 6:30 pm came the real hard attack lasting over an hour.  I guess they kind of give me up as the Padre give me the last sacrament and all.  It’s where Miss Hunt went to work on me.  I am told I was in danger for 48 hours however I snapped out of it nicely.  Weak as a lamb, and terribly beaten.  My heart is in bad shape, but I’ll snap out of it and get cured.

I am now taking the rest cure. 12 weeks on my back without moving a finger.  Kind of hard and days are long.  I was not allowed any visitors till to-day.  However Gen McN was here Sat. last when he heard it, and stayed a while with me, it was a good gesture and sure help me to snap out of it.

Now tyred will carry on with this letter to-morrow

Lots of love darling


Nov. 30

Sat’y morning.  Feel just to fine to-day.  I am a bit nervous about my heart reading this morning.

They take photos of my heart every two days, also cardiogram, i.e. a new machine registered on discs the pros & cons of my condition.  The boches was bombing hell close to here last night. I am not afraid a darn bit -

Here comes nurse




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